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"I am learning so much and in a fun way!"


Evan, age 8

"We have been thrilled and delighted with Maria's knowledge, enthusiasm, flexible individualized instruction and tremendous commitment to our son."


Camille and Reuben, Evan's parents

Portland, OR


“Maria is a warm, caring person who always puts her students first, and is so nurturing. She has been able to bring out the best in both our daughter and son, who’ve both grown tremendously since studying with her.”



Our 8 year-old daughter, Elena, has been taking piano lessons from Maria for almost a year and we could not be happier. Maria is a wonderful teacher and a great fit for our daughter. She knows how to teach and relate to young students while making the lessons fun and engaging. Maria uses appropriate teaching tools to make it easy for kids to understand. She also sets high expectations and is very professional. Maria is warm and encouraging providing a positive learning experience. Elena looks forward to her lessons with Maria and we are thrilled with her progress. We highly recommend Maria as a piano teacher.


Elena's Mom

Portland, OR



"Maria taught me not only how to be a better piano player, but also how to be a more confident and motivated person. She is incredibly patient and thoughtful, and she made each lesson so enjoyable. Maria engaged with me on a personal level and she quickly became a mentor to me. She pushed me to be the best pianist possible, whether by coaching me through nerves before a big recital or encouraging me to tackle more challenging pieces. With other teachers, I often felt bored or unimportant, but Maria would always explain things in a creative and interactive manner, and made sure that I felt comfortable and self-assured.  I would recommend Maria to anyone who is looking for a talented teacher who can help them-in a collaborative and energetic way—to become a better piano player (and person!)."   


Jodi,  age 20 - Student Bowdoin College, Government/Legal Studies major




"We met Maria at the 92nd St Y School of Music in New York city when our son En-Wei was eight years old.  In the ten years that followed, our son won the Racanati-Kaplan Scholarship for Excellence six times in a row. Maria was not only a great teacher but a mentor who through patience and understanding guided our son in many ways through his growing years. She understood and challenged En-Wei's gift in each developmental stage. She was able to relate to his other interests and made lessons personable. Maria's steady presence, her passion for music and her enthusiasm for excellence were all inspiring and she taught our son so much more about life along with music lessons. She insisted on quality and uncompromising work ethics in his performance. She gave him the discipline he needed for all areas of his life. Her optimism and friendship also taught En-Wei not to give up easily when faced with challenge and difficulties.Our son had various interests while growing up, but he made a conscious decision to stay constant and to excel in piano even through the most unpredictable teenage years. This would not have been possible if he had not been studying with Maria. And to our whole family Maria is not only a teacher but a dear friend. She was part of the community that helped to guide our child's past and to, eventually, shape his future."


Ying-Hwa Hu  New York, New York (Our son is now a Psychology major at Princeton University.)



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